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Hello, I'm Claudia Geiger Krige


What I Do

I offer support in a variety of ways to parents and teachers who feel they need some guidance with handling the toddler years and the challenging behaviour it can come with. Its an overwhelming time for our little people, and can be for the whole family or class, so I'm here to help you understand what they are going through developmentally. I'm also here to give you some strategies to handle their tantrums and trying moments with kindness whilst maintaining your boundaries. My approach is research-based, gentle, and focuses on connection.

About Me

About Me

I am a qualified early childhood specialist, having attained my Masters in Early Childhood Studies with distinction, where I focused my dissertation research on discipline with young children. 

A few moons ago, I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (with Honours in Organisational Psychology) before setting off to Europe to explore. Just over a year later, I followed my heart and my heritage to Hamburg, Germany, where I also fell in love with early childhood development whilst teaching at a bilingual preschool (1-3 year olds). It was there that I discovered the great gift of working with an age group that is so present, raw and honest, and that demands of me, too, to be present, patient, loving and sure of my decisions - daily. It also enabled me to step into the role of offering guidance and advice to parents on particular issues that they found most challenging with their toddlers. I found the work so rewarding and knew I had found my calling.


When my husband and I decided it was finally time to come home, we made one last pit stop in Sweden. There I completed an internship at an international preschool in Stockholm, to try and learn more about how the Swedes did things.


Soon after arriving on home soil, I began my Masters in Early Childhood Studies. This I completed with distinction through London Metropolitan University's distance learning.

In 2020, I saw another dream come to life when I opened my own playschool - Little Warthogs Playschool. I love the mornings I get to spend with my little warthogs, and the spaces I get to hold for them while they navigate their big toddler emotions. I practice what I preach and the families that attend my school are grateful for the way I do gentle boundaries and slow settling in.


My experience from Germany, Sweden and South Africa has enabled me to have seen a wide range of early childhood approaches and it has offered me a host of experience in different situations and cultures where I have been able to offer guidance and support to parents and teachers.

I hope to be able to support you along your parenting or teaching journey!



"Claudia - your approach to supportive discipline has really changed how we see advising and teaching our wonderful toddler! What became so clear is our role and responsibility in setting him up for success - and that it is a process! We are just a few days in - but it feels like our home’s atmosphere has really transformed - our home is happy and fun, and our approach to guiding our boy just feels healthier and happier and far more intuitive! The swimming analogy has really helped us ❤️❤️

Thank you so much for coaching us!"


"This session was hugely helpful for my husband and I. We have put a number of your suggestions into practice and they have helped to reduce the frequency & intensity of the tantrums."



"We are so grateful to you for such wonderful advice and insight. We have started implementing your suggestions and I can already see some improvement. Especially with interactions between the kids. It was lovely to meet you and we were both very impressed by you."



Please pop me an email if you'd like to chat -

I look forward to hearing from you!

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