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Little Warthogs Playschool

Nurturing young children's development through play

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Claudia Geiger-Krige

MA Early Childhood Studies

BA Psychology

I am an early childhood specialist, founder of Little Warthogs Playschool and I offer parent consultations to anyone who is finding the toddler years particularly challenging and would like some guidance.


Little Warthogs Playschool is COVID-19 compliant, and adheres to all the regulations set out by the Department of Social Development. Daily screening takes place of all persons entering the premises and the entire playschool is sanitised daily. Regular hand washing has been built into the daily schedule with fun sing-a-long songs and all adults are required to wear face masks at all times. Where possible, activities take place outside. 

Parent consultations will take place on zoom or over the phone, unless a home visit is requested. If so, all safety measures will be taken and face masks will be worn at all times.

 About Little 

Little Warthogs is a nurturing Playschool in Parkhurst based on love and learning through play. I believe in focusing on the whole child, thereby supporting their personal, emotional, physical and social development during this significant time in their lives. 

At Little Warthogs Playschool, my aim is to empower young children through creating a space that enables them to do things on their own. This supports their sense of self worth, and allows them to develop autonomy. 

Toddlers can so often be misunderstood as tyrants, or terrible, when really, they’re just in need of a bit more support and understanding of their predicament of being two! I believe, with lots of love, acceptance, guidance and understanding, toddlers' troubles can be soothed. This helps them to slowly learn how to deal with their big, scary emotions, and with lots of practice, one day, they will manage to do so all on their own. But for now, I'm here to help. 

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Little warthogs can be dropped off in the morning between 8 and 9 and collected between 12 and 12.30, after a fun filled day of learning through exploring, creating and playing. 

Children from 18 months to 3 years are welcome *pending Covid-19 regulations and Little Warthogs takes up to six children, with a staff to child ratio of 1 : 3.


Please contact me if you're interested or would like to learn more about Little Warthogs Playschool.



I know that toddler outfits can be some of the cutest things around, but please make sure to kit your little one out so they can play freely without tripping or catching on their clothing. Please also ensure that you dress them in things you are happy to throw into the wash afterwards, so they can paint and play and let their imaginations run wild – inside and outside, gardening, and at the mud kitchen.


On Woodwork Wednesdays, we will be joined by my husband, a budding carpenter and gentle soul. Before you panic, please be reassured that it won’t involve anything your little warthogs aren’t capable of handling. Woodwork is yet another great sensory activity that teaches your children how to look after things, and gives them a great sense of self and confidence to be trusted with real wood – and not simply toys. 


Please have breakfast at home with your little warthogs before playschool, so that they are ready for a fun filled day. Please also pack them a mid-morning snack to keep them going. When the weather allows it, snack time will take place together outside in the fresh air around the table. A supplementary healthy snack will be provided should your little one need a bit more fuel before home time.

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Term Dates

Little Warthogs Playschool has 3 terms

2021 Dates

Term 1

Starts: Wednesday 13th January

Half Term: Friday 26th February - Monday 1st March

Last Day: Wednesday 14th April

​Public Holidays: Monday 22nd March, Friday 2nd April, Monday 5th April


Term 2

Starts: Wednesday 5th May

Half Term: Monday 14th June - Friday 18th June

Last Day: Friday 6th August

Term 3

Starts: Tuesday 7th September

Half Term: Friday 22nd October - Monday 25th October

Last Day: Friday 3rd December

Public Holidays: Friday 24 September


Monthly (for 11 months): R4600

Enrollment (once off): R1000

Deposit: R4600


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Settling In

to Little Warthogs

"when a child starts in an early childhood setting for the first time and has to be without their parent/carer, separation and loss are at the centre of the experience" 
Julia Manning-Morton & Maggie Thorp

Leaving home for the first time is scary, for both your child and you, and so in order to support our little warthogs through this unsure time, I believe it is best for everyone to take this slowly. Research shows that when a child feels safe and secure in a new environment, this can help to dramatically reduce the stress experienced during separation. Feeling secure and supported is also necessary before any learning can take place. This is part of our brain's way of keeping us safe. Only once we feel secure, do we have the confidence to go out and explore and learn new things. So we encourage you to spend some time with your child at Little Warthogs in the beginning, so that when it’s time to say goodbye, they know they're in a safe space, and they've started to build a relationship with us that will help support them while separated from you. 

Settling in is a very important process and is likely to unfold differently with each child. We will be there to support you and your child throughout the entire process, to ensure that you ALL feel comfortable. This will be discussed in more detail before you start, but if you have any questions in the mean time, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


About Me

I am a qualified early childhood specialist, having recently attained my Masters in Early Childhood Studies with distinction, where I focused my dissertation research on discipline with young children.

A few moons ago, I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (with Honours in Organisational Psychology) before setting off to Europe to explore. Just over a year later, I followed my heart and my heritage to Hamburg, Germany, where I also fell in love with early childhood development whilst teaching at a bilingual preschool (1-3 year olds). It was there that I discovered the great gift of working with an age group that is so present, raw and honest, and that demands of me, too, to be present, patient, loving and sure of my decisions - daily. It also enabled me to step into the role of offering guidance and advice to parents on particular issues that they found most challenging with their toddlers. I found the work so rewarding and knew I had found my calling. When my then fiancé and I decided it was finally time to come home, we made one last pit stop in Sweden. There I completed an internship at an international preschool in Stockholm, to try and learn more about how the Swedes did things. Soon after arriving on home soil, I helped out briefly at a local playschool before beginning my Masters. This I completed through London Metropolitan University via distance learning (which allowed me to continue with my studies uninterrupted throughout Covid-19).


My preschool experience from Germany, Sweden and South Africa has enabled me to have seen a wide range of early childhood methods, handpicked the best and combined them to form Little Warthogs Playschool. It has also offered me a host of experience in different situations and cultures to offer guidance and advice to parents.


Please get in contact if you might be interested in learning more about Little Warthogs Playschool or setting up a consultation with me to chat about your little one and some toddler troubles you might be having!

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'Our 2 year old had an excellent experience at Little Warthogs. Claudia's dedication, sincerity and deep knowledge of early childhood development and its challenges and intricacies make it the ideal place for young toddlers. A caring and nurturing environment, great for a gentle first separation. Our son, who is very attached to his parents, was always happy to be at playschool. Highly recommended.'
'Thank you for absolutely everything, you are amazing! I cannot get over the change in our babe! She is just more since she has been with you! More confident! More happy! More talkative! More more more more more! Thank you - she is soooo happy and we are going to miss you and your special school.'
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Little Warthogs Playschool
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Claudia Geiger-Krige

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